Merrell and 10 Years in the Himalayas

I have grown into a keen collector of adventure gear. The experience has its own thrills and highs that only a collector of such products can understand. Over the last 10 years, I have been at it, making multiple visits to stores in India and abroad, whenever I’ve had the opportunity. Most of what I’ve purchased continue protecting me well, even now, when I head to the Himalayas. Amongst them, my prized possessions are my shoes and jackets.

This year, as I get ready to embark on yet another journey, I am elated that I have a complete new set of gear which I will be taking along. And well, testing them on the trail! The tests will be for the well known American outdoor brand Merrell ( It’s a special opportunity this, as also the year/ month that I am doing it in. I complete 10 years in the outdoors and the Himalayas this month. And when I look back, I really didn’t think then, that I would keep going and going and… . These 10 years have been immensely adventurous.

Merrel (the India launch was in March this year. The brand’s available at sporting goods retailers, outdoor retailers and online) has very generously given me their products. This includes the most impressive Phaser Peak Trekking Boots, the Stapleton Stretch (Trekking) Pants, the Trimaran Full Sleeved Workout Tee, and the Adventure Rest Ridgeland Hoodie (a jacket with Primaloft Eco Synergy). Each can hold their own in tough Himalayan conditions and I am waiting to get into them and make my observations. The clock’s ticking and I am 7 Days to departure.

Keep Climbing!

Merrell Men's Phaser Peak

Extremely comfortable, snug, and a heavyweight.

Stapleton Stretch Pant

Soft to the touch and wonderfully stretchable

Trimaran Long Sleeved Tee

Simple design, soft fabric, and a comfortable fit

Adventure Rest Ridgeland Hoodie

Lightweight and Primaloft Insulated

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