Anita Noronha

I read the ebook & agree with Arun completely. The emotion that has stayed with me is ‘vicarious pleasure’. I can actually explore without moving out of my geography. Theres an ocean of difference between want and need, which gets diffused over the years with the desire to be ‘with it’. Convoluted i know. It takes a fair amount of re-engineering mindset to take the plunge and get back to looking at nature, understanding it for what it is; beautiful and majestic just for itself. It’s there constantly as ones thoughts, evolving, enticing, not asking for any kind of ‘label’. If you want you can participate in its evolution, its ebbs and flows.


It’s non judgemental. It doesn’t ask you to be a good climber or an adventure sport lover, just a simple engagement in its core, its reason to be – beauty.


For me you are my ‘senses’ to grow on this journey! Thank you for taking the effort to do what you are doing.

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