Arun Katiyar

I read the e-book — more accurately, I soaked in the visuals and the text. I could use words like “stunning” and “lush” for your visuals but it would be like pimping a dinner menu in a magazine restaurant review: That’s where you find words like “divine”, “subtle”, “memorable”, “to-die-for”.


I didn’t know what to expect when I began reading your e-book — and I was lucky not to be subjected to adventure, challenge and achievement. Thank you for such an interesting account of your journey in high-altitude climbing & more than anything else, I wish you success with Annapurna, your time in the gym and your detemination to stay away from carcinogens 🙂


I will certainly point my friends to your site and I hope they too will find in it the idea that life can be more than newspaper headlines.

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