Jayesh Morvankar

I “almost still remember” that day when you called me & expressed your desire to go to Ladakh. I wondered “why would he want to do it. He does not seem like a guy who will choose to.” You have come a long way bro. Feel that now i completely understand all those phone calls, especially the one you made from Pangboche standing next to the glass wall of that restaurant. And of course the drunken party at Lukla.


I agree with Ramnik, that we all learnt a few things on the trek. I salute human endurance and truly believe that we can do it if we keep telling our minds that it’s possible. All i can say that you simply did fabulous on ground and on paper, okay e-paper.


There are many more mountains to go and Everest is still a gruelling 11,527 feet away. And as mentioned to you earlier, the “victory” tastes better with friends who share it with you atop. Else it’s simply a climb. Many more to go together.

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