I think it's not just the mountains deb. It's a combination of adventure with the experience of being away with friends, in a place which is although not a 5 star luxury resort yet one which makes you feel like you've had one of the best holidays of your life. The experience was a shocker way beyond what we had expected - something never done or imagined by any of us - our bodies had given way and made us realise that with a little more practice and dedication we too can summit if we individually work on our areas of weakness. The fact remains that although post base camp we never thought we would think of doing his again - today given a chance we would definitely want to try and go back next year.

—Nikhil Rajpuria, Team Member. Stok Kangri 2013 Expedition

WOW!! Very poetic!! And differently worded and designed. I loved the pics. How I miss those mountains and the coooold air. SIGH!!

—Bipasha Mazumdar

I went through the website and the e-book. It's very soulfully written and the pics are great. You should look at getting it published

—Leela Alvares

I "almost still remember" that day when you called me & expressed your desire to go to Ladakh. I wondered "why would he want to do it. He does not seem like a guy who will choose to." You have come a long way bro. Feel that now i completely understand all those phone calls, especially the one you made from Pangboche standing next to the glass wall of that restaurant. And of course the drunken party at Lukla.   I agree with Ramnik, that we all learnt a few things on the trek. I salute human endurance and truly believe that we can do it if we keep telling our minds that it's possible. All i can say that you simply did fabulous on ground and on paper, okay e-paper.   There are many more mountains to go and Everest is still a gruelling 11,527 feet away. And as mentioned to you earlier, the "victory" tastes better with friends who share it with you atop. Else it's simply a climb. Many more to go together.

—Jayesh Morvankar

The images are expansive and yet the vastness of the landscapes are humbling. The text can surely be better. Your narration should as devoid of emotion and sentiment as possible or it should be singularly emotion account. But all in all a great effort and superb presentation.

—Ashok Hegde

Awesome site! Loved the pics man. The panoramic views make u feel you're right there!

—N Padmanabhan

Amazing stuff, congrats. The e-book was great too!

—Sagnik Dhar

Hello, need more photos man but even otherwise it's fantastic. Keep it up dude.

—Tushar Oak

Beautiful Pics mate- inspired to read the eBook, am saving the link to get to it in due course 🙂 Great work & good luck with whatever comes next.

—Kshitij Mulay

Life is a string of discoveries. Today's has been you as a mountaineer. Here, I had put you as an ardent treker of the mountain of red tape and files. Congrats Bro. Take it higher.

—Surya Narayanan

There is romance in every successful adventure, and that is very evident from your experience and this site. What I like is the fact that you were prepared for the 'grandness' and hence we see the fantastic stills and can almost imagine what you experienced. What stays with me after seeing '18 days' is that you have achieved a sense of personal glory and public envy! And yeah, we must all question until we get our answers. About the copy, I found it a bit tangential and the photographs were the only reason why I remember '18 days'. How I wish words were fewer and lesser adjectives were used.

—Krishna Daswani

The pictures - stunning as they already are - assume so much more meaning because your writing has captured what it means to be there. Really nice read Deb. Cheers.

—Kaushik Iyer

Dude you inspire me. Had put off reading this for quite some time, but really enjoyed myself. Any words i use would not do justice to your master-piece.

—Ranjit Mittra

Great going Deb! All the best! It's truly truly inspiring & impressive.

—Dheeraj Vashisht

Hey Deb, it's really pioneering and very inspiring what you have set to do and have already done with 18days. I just love the site. All the best to you.

—Samit Bhatta

Hey. I have always been passionate about the mountains. So going through your site just reminded me that i do love them mountains and should be heading their way this year. Good luck on your other himalayan ventures. Julley 🙂


I read the ebook & agree with Arun completely. The emotion that has stayed with me is 'vicarious pleasure'. I can actually explore without moving out of my geography. Theres an ocean of difference between want and need, which gets diffused over the years with the desire to be 'with it'. Convoluted i know. It takes a fair amount of re-engineering mindset to take the plunge and get back to looking at nature, understanding it for what it is; beautiful and majestic just for itself. It's there constantly as ones thoughts, evolving, enticing, not asking for any kind of 'label'. If you want you can participate in its evolution, its ebbs and flows.   It's non judgemental. It doesn't ask you to be a good climber or an adventure sport lover, just a simple engagement in its core, its reason to be - beauty.   For me you are my 'senses' to grow on this journey! Thank you for taking the effort to do what you are doing.

—Anita Noronha

Having seen the images on a projector, i think the place is surreal and it's amazing that normal people who work day in and day out in a corporate scenario could pull it off.

—Maneet Agarwal

Amazing Deb, I knew you were into mountain climbing and trekking but not hardcore like this. I loved the site. Keep it up and all the best.

—Mahashweta Biswas

Can't say anything. But that am 'gasping' myself. 🙂 awesome!!

—Dr. Niketa

It's a work-of-heart, this site Deb. Three cheers for putting out all your fears and insecurties in small pointsize against the backdrop of the mighty H. I was completely taken in. Wish the eBook was even longer though, not just for the visuals, also for the way you wield your keyboard. Amen to more such journeys brother.

—Vistasp Hodiwala

Hi Debolin. I read the article in DNA about your ammmazzzing adventurous trip to Himalayas and around. I am amazed after reading that. For how long have you been trekking and mountaineering now?? Hearty congratulations to you for completing the world's most terrific patch of mountaineering and trekking expedition.!! Great to read about such people and such activities. All the very best for more.....

—Rutika Bodas

Hi Debolin, I just chanced upon your site through a friend who was sporting your site as his status message, and hung around it for hours just staring at the mountains. Just wanted to let u know that the site rocks and your job seems totally enviable. If I was in India, I'd have left my little one behind for one of the journeys. Awesome stuff.

—Aparna Das

Brilliant. I loved your site. It's a very good concept and the copy was brilliant. Anybody who is in love with the himalayas would relate to it. Would love to contribute in any way i can. Been trekking in Uttaranchal for some time now.

—Anurag Jetley

I read the e-book -- more accurately, I soaked in the visuals and the text. I could use words like "stunning" and "lush" for your visuals but it would be like pimping a dinner menu in a magazine restaurant review: That's where you find words like "divine", "subtle", "memorable", "to-die-for".   I didn't know what to expect when I began reading your e-book -- and I was lucky not to be subjected to adventure, challenge and achievement. Thank you for such an interesting account of your journey in high-altitude climbing & more than anything else, I wish you success with Annapurna, your time in the gym and your detemination to stay away from carcinogens 🙂   I will certainly point my friends to your site and I hope they too will find in it the idea that life can be more than newspaper headlines.

—Arun Katiyar

Rocking dude, let me know when you doing the next one.

—Rajesh Balpande

WOW!! WOW!! and WOW!! It's amazing. Have read it twice. What effort you have put in to create it. Dude ispe tho daru banta hai 🙂 Really nice stuff and the emotions captured with the snaps is just bang on.

—Trishla Phul

Very inspiring bro. nice visual content. Will forward the link to my adventure seeking friends. All the very best.

—Raj Kaushal

This surely looks awesome and interesting for people inclined on trekking.. an amazing information to be hooked on to and not to forget, mind boggling pictures!

—Neha Mehta

Bootiful, bunderful! One more feather in your 'snow'cap! Seriously. I really like the site. And i'm sure it's gonna get bigger and better. All the best!

—Amitabh Agnihotri

Nice, Deb. Looking forward to reading the eBook.

—Arkaditya Basu

Oh, to be back in the hills again!!! The eBook was really nice. Very profound. All the very best. And say hi to Sumona and all the best for the child, who I hope will walk the path by your side.

—Chandan Lahiri

Awesome pictures and breath-taking scenery. Deb, you've been brave in attempting to explore the HImalayas. Some of us can only look at pictures and dream. Good luck to you in your future expeditions!

—Renuka Sashindranath

The visuals are messmerising! They take our breath away. They really are a work of art. The font is a little small. It's difficult to read really. But a marvellous piece of work. Nurture your talent further.

—Leena Sen

Awesome dude. Breathtaking. Well done! I say ol' boy.

—Akash Joshi

I was skeptical initially - not because I did not want to "read" ...but because I did not want to open a website which reminds me of the greatness and infiniteness of human potential, while I sit on my chair staring at the computer pretending to do important things!!! 18 days - I would say - is a sign of bravery.......of being able to pull out and expose thoughts which we mostly seek to push back. The awesome visuals when juxtaposed with the text seem to emphasize our life's paradox.

—Veena Vohra

Congrats Deb, just glimpsed through the site. Both the pics and book are amazing and it's awesome to look at all that the Everest stands for. Congrats once more.

—Sushma Kanchan

Dude, you rock! Loved the site buddy, especially the book. Nice! Suggestion, please include a photogallery on the same. Some of the pics that we have are really kickass plus maybe a travelogue on those 18 days. I'im sure we can all sit together and put it together, wotsay? All in all a very commnedable effort.

—Mandar Natekar

Great stuff! 18 days is where i am sure each of us learned something new about ourselves. atleast i did.

—Ramnik Chhabra

Awesome. am completely transported.

—Sarthak Dasgupta

Our climb to EBC has indeed been the highlight of my trekking life uptil now. Trekking to me is not just a walk thru hills & dales but also the experience of observing the villages & hamlets we pass & the local inhabitants & their ways. Since I love nature the various species of flora & fauna also delight my heart. Am hoping to do the Kailash Mansarovar trek mid this year. God willing!!!!! By the way, your photography is really awesome.

—Maria Corera

I read through 18 days the day I got your mail and have since been trying to figure it out. Let me say the visuals are great, the idea is great. But just a bit of advice from someone who has been writing for a long time now. To have a larger audience appreciate your experience, you need to be less esoteric. Hope you work on that aspect.

—Meera Joshi

Gorgeous pictures. What an experience !

—Leena Karia

Breath taking, Majestic and very youthfull. Good work!!

—Shantanu Basu

Awesome pictures Debs. The sheer splendour of the mountains is awe inspiring. It's great to know you are working on making your dreams come true.

—Anurag Gupta

Thanks for the intro in your website. The website is interesting, a good mix of personal feelings and the mountain experience! Though took sometime to figure out what was happenning. Had to put your frame of mind in perspective to grab the complete picture. The photos are great.

—Jayesh Morvankar

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